Think this, but with black wings for the Tiefling.
Campaign World:Fianyarr.

 Nicknames: Wrongborn, Tainted, Monster.

Origins: The various races that descended from the First have always been enamoured by the strange and the exotic. Some of them have fallen for the more predatory entities or been raped by them and the unfortunate progeny are known as the Tieflings which are marred by signs of their demonic parents and a predatory instinct that leads them to violence.

Demeanor: Tieflings have difficulties controlling themselves and considering their issues often fall toward impulse control and anger issues, this can turn out quite poorly for others their own age. This can be quite distressing for the Tiefling as well as they are by no means immune to the kinder emotions of compassion, love, and a healthy conscience. It’s just that they find it really hard to bite back the bitterness and anger that is often stoked by other peoples’ expectations and treatment of them.

Rumors: Other races often consider tieflings amongst them to be either a shameful revelation of lust and weakness or the result of a terrible act of rape. Such societies often see Tieflings as being only worthy of a position as a soldier in the army (due to their violence proclivities) or enslaved and under the protection and control of their master (due to their beauty and exotic tendencies). Many Tieflings are raised with this in mind and some even take solace in hierarchies which help buffer them against their wrath.

In other lands, tieflings are the products of willing unions between demons and the races of the First which are representative of ongoing treaties and placations. Such individuals are often raised to be valued and integrated members of a society that knows how to treat them and understand that they must avoid pushing the tiefling’s button. In the worst case scenarios, tieflings are actually encouraged to become all the more violent and impulsive – and woe to any society who attacks them.

Racial Abilities

Attribute Bonus: +1 to either Strength or Presence.

Weakness: When the player is choosing a tiefling’s vice they should determine what aspect of that vice is most important to the tiefling. As an example, Gluttony might have subsets of food, drink, drugs, burning things, or adrenaline bursts. When a tiefling is confronted with their particular subset of vice they must either indulge in it or spend a Willpower point. If they are out of Willpower, they lose nothing but may still refuse to indulge their vice (though the temptation is doubtless greater).

While only some tieflings always have wings, all tieflings can unfurl wings that provide a +2 bonus to balance checks. If the tiefling spends a glamour, those wings stiffen and allow them to fall 100 yards without taking damage. After that point, they take damage as normal but ignore the first 100 yards. They can carry another person or equivalent equipment and still slow their descent (Changeling Lurkglider Kith: Winter Masques page 71).

Ripper’s Gift
A teifling can spend a Glamour to unsheathe their claws for a scene to such a degree that they are more like knives than claws. Not only are the claws 1L but they must be used with the weaponry skill. Tieflings are also trained in the use of these claws and thus gain the Melee Specialty: Knives (Changeling Razorhand Kith: Winter Masques page 73).

Vice to Vice
Tieflings understand the pull toward vice in all of its glory and wonder and are therefore quite good at getting along with people who share their vice. Therefore, if the target and the tiefling both share the same vice, the tiefling gains a +1 bonus to Empathy, Persuasion, Socialize and Subterfuge with the target. The tiefling also gets Striking Looks 2 for free. If they already have Striking Looks 2, the character gains Striking Looks 4 instead. (Changeling Succubus Kith: Winter Masques page 109).

Enthralling Mist
There’s just something about a Tiefling that can really bring out the sexual interest in a person even when the tiefling isn’t the target of such interest (i.e. if the target isn’t normally interested in their gender). The tiefling can spend a point of glamour to change a target’s vice to “Lust” for 24 hours (vice behaves as normal) which also allows the tiefling to add half their Wyrd (rounded down) to all socialise rolls against the target. (Changeling Apsara Kith: Winter Masques page 108).

Racially Restricted Merit
(, *, or ****) Pledgesmith: While all races have the ability to benefit from, and use, pledges to provide greater weight between their oaths and vows, tieflings have the uncanny ability to get the most from such deals and bargains. Tieflings who have pledgesmith do not have to spend a willpower to pass on a temptation that would risk a pledge in action and they also gain a +1 bonus to interpreting, negotiating, or convincing a person to take a pledge.


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